Spruit Day

Spruit Day is intended to have as many residents and stakeholders along the Braamfontein Spruit participate, through their various community organisations, in a clean-up on a common day. The objective is to create a greater impetus and higher profile for this green area in the city. Community Organisations include resident associations, special interest groups and the custodian of the Braamfontein Spruit which is the City of Johannesburg Parks and Zoo.


Spruit Day is not intended to be a new forum or body trying to manage the spruit. Its purpose is to facilitate a singular co-ordinated clean up effort on a specific day. Most resident associations, have their own teams and strategies for dealing with their relevant areas surrounding the Spruit.  This event is not intended to affect or detract from these efforts.


The idea is that each community organisation calls upon their stakeholders to join in a day of cleaning and fun.  On Spruit Day, we plan to have greater participation from interested Sponsors, City of Johannesburg bodies (such as City Parks, Environmental Health, Pikitup, etc.), First Aid organisations, etc. who can then engage with, educate and support a greater number of communities simultaneously.


This will create a greater number of activities and include other stakeholders (such as the scouts, cyclists, runners and walkers) who have a broader interest than a specific suburb.  This, in turn, will generate a greater amount of interest and willingness to participate within our own communities.  What each community then does with this broader interest, beyond the day of the joint effort, will be up to each community.  Communities will also be able to share the load of organising such an effort with each other.

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